Victorian Magic, Mysticism, and Intrigue Abound In The Trailer For Netflix’s ‘Shadow and Bone’

What do you get when a world-wide bestselling novel is adapted by the guy that wrote the brain-bending Arrival? You get Netflix’s latest episodic fantasy series Shadow and Bone. Fans of the genre need only watch the trailer to be on board for adding this one to the queue, but if you’re on the fence the series is coming with a host of pedigrees. First the novel was a world-wide bestseller whose author, Leigh Bardugo is no stranger to the New York Times lists. Fine, plenty of great books have been made into mediocre films or series. So let’s add in Eric Heisserer, otherwise known as the writer of 2016’s ground-breaking and wholly original alien invasion (or is that visitation) flick Arrival. What I’m getting at is that this series is more likely then not going to be amazing. To solidify all of that I challenge you to watch the trailer below and not be at least a little excited to see where this story goes. THIS is how you do a trailer folks, we’re left with plenty of questions but a solid feel for the shows theme.


Check out the trailer below and look for Shadow and Bone to hit Netflix on April 23rd, 2021


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