Kevin Hart And Wesley Snipes Join Up for Netflix’s ‘True Story’

What isn’t Kevin Hart doing these days? Well, until now he didn’t have an 8-episode limited series on Netflix with Wesley Snipes, so I guess that’s another check off his ‘To-do’ list. Hart will be starring in the upcoming series True Story with Narcos: Mexico veteran Eric Newman producing alongside Hart’s own production company. The series, as the title would had you believe, is a semi-autobiographical look at Hart’s early years. He will star in the series as Kid, a top-tier comedian who reconnects with his brother while doing a tour stop in his home town of Philly. No big deal, a little bro bonding time…only Kid’s brother Carlton (Wesley Snipes) is not the focused success that his little brother is and has spent his life in and out of jail. Their night out ends up putting everything Kid has worked for at risk.

The plot-line would have you think straight drama, and it’s reported as being a dramatic series, but with some small changes this could be the same plot line as something like Ride Along. Honestly, I’m hoping it goes fully dramatic, while Hart is an amazing comedic talent I feel like his dramatic chops haven’t been fully exposed and he’s shown flashes of brilliance in that area throughout his career. Plus, if this IS a drama it would allow for Wesley Snipes to pick up where his character from Juice left off, except…less dead.

Parting note, I hope that this adds some more fire to the Snipes comeback machine, he’s been popping up here and there over the last few years but doesn’t seem to be gaining much traction. I will always love the man that delivered the line “Some Mf’ers always gotta ice skate up hill”

No word on a release date yet, but stick by for all the latest! [Deadline]