‘Selena: The Series’ Trailer: Christian Serratos Is The Iconic Tejano Singer In Netflix’s Two-Part Event

October 15 marks the end of Latin American History month and what better way to celebrate than to honor one of the most infulential singers of all time. Netflix has just released a teaser trailer for Selena: The Series, a tv show chronicling the life and fame of 90’s pop sensation Selena Quintanilla.

In stark black and white, the teaser gives us our first real onscreen look at Christian Serratos (The Twilight Saga, The Walking Dead) as Selena. Flickers of lighters and candles fill up the audience of an arena as the pop star takes the stage. Voiceovers of various unnamed figures question her about her trust in her dad and ger destiny to be a star.

Joining Serratos is Ricardo Charvira (Desperate Housewives) playing her strict but beloved father Abraham. It is unclear what exactly the series will cover. Her rise to fame and family dynamic will obviously be themes throughout the show, but whether her untimely murder by an employee will be depicted this season remains to be seen.

Obviously this is not the first adaption we have seen of the famous singer’s life. Jennifer Lopez made a name for herself in the 1997’s Selena. Coincidentally, Seidy López, who plays Selena’s mother in the upcoming show, was also in the 1997 film.

The new series comes to Netflix Dec. 4th so you can dream of that tonight.

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