Ray Fisher’s Allegations Reportedly Due To Being Offered Only A Cameo In ‘The Flash’

And the beat goes on. Or should I say, the beef goes on. More is coming out about the feud that has erupted between Justice League star Ray Fisher and the studio he works for, Warner Bros., which to me just sounds like a really shitty career move. But he’s alleged some horrible abuses by Joss Whedon and Co. on the failed superhero film’s set, and that needs to be accounted for now. The problem is that Fisher has been pretty vague about a lot of this stuff, and one question has lingered through. Why now?

According to a story at The Wrap, Fisher only made his allegations after he was offered a mere cameo role in The Flash. The implication is Fisher was expecting to return as Cyborg in a more substantial supporting role. So basically, he’s bitter about it and decided to get some payback.

If true, that is so wildly short-sighted I’d be surprised if Fisher ever worked again. If he ever had hopes of that solo Cyborg film ever happening, then taking a smaller part in a huge film like The Flash is the way it gets done. You’ve gotta make fans want to see more.

On the other hand, this story comes on the heels of accusations by Warner Bros. that Fisher is hindering the internal investigation. He fired back by saying they are launching a smear campaign against him. Whether or not that’s true, this is not a good look for him.

This whole thing gets more complicated for Warner Bros. now that Jason Momoa has backed Fisher’s claims. Unlike Fisher, Momoa is a huge star with a billion dollar Aquaman franchise, and as we saw with the whole push for the Snyder Cut, he can be very influential in making shit happen.

Anyway, Fisher isn’t batting an eye at any of this. He just keeps on tweetin’, now taking a shot at The Wrap itself.

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