Creepy Kids And More In The Trailer For Anthology Horror “Murder Manual”

The big draw for this anthology horror film is the inclusion of Emilia Clarke, who has been somewhat quiet since the finale of Game of Thrones. If you thought this was an odd next move for the Khaleesi then you may not be surprised to find out she’s only in about 10 minutes of the film. Usually this is where I’d tell you that any film that bases it’s marketing around someone that’s in 10% of the film is a red flag. It still is, but if you get Emilia Clarke you don’t NOT tell someone. For what it’s worth the rest of the trailer seems more than creepy enough to fill most coffers. It seems like the film is structured in 8 stories that are based around the different pieces of planning and executing a murder but it’s somewhat hard to tell. The official synopsis will probably do a better job then me so check it out below and let us know what you think of the trailer, which comes to us courtesy of ScreenRant