Stephen Williams Director Of ‘Watchmen’ TV Series Tapped For Universal Horror Film

Ok, I’m jumping way out on a ledge here but it’s backed by somewhat solid logic. Whenever the Universal monsters are brought up I make it a point to, well, point out that the Creature from the Black Lagoon has never got the love he deserves. Couple that with the success of The Invisible Man just last month AND the news that Stephen Williams, director of the acclaimed Watchmen TV show for HBO, has been tapped to direct a horror movie for Universal and you have…not a lot to go on. BUT, what if I told you that said horror movie was titled Don’t Go In The Water and is being described as a “suspenseful monster movie”…things are starting to add up! Still, while it’s not a long shot it’s far from confirmation. It does only make sense for Universal to go this route if they’re to make another go at their monster slate, everyone else is either played out or has already been done in the last 10 years. If I’m right, and really even if I’m not, Williams is a solid choice  to bank on. What he did with Watchmen was pretty damn amazing, and shows a solid talent for adapting things we know into something we didn’t know we wanted.


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