Margot Robbie Joins Christian Bale In David O. Russell’s Latest

No matter how you look at it, 2020 has launched with a bang for Margot Robbie. She landed the second Oscar nomination of her young career for Bombshell, which is also where Once Upon a Time in Hollywood won two awards, and she returned as Harley Quinn in last weekend’s Birds of Prey. While all of those may not have ended as she would’ve liked, her position as a Hollywood power player is assured. And now it continues with a role in the latest movie from David O. Russell, who is assembling a cast of A-listers to rival American Hustle.

Robbie has inked a deal to star in the latest movie from Russell, which we know will reunite him with American Hustle and The Fighter star Christian Bale. It’ll also be a reunion of sorts for Robbie and Bale. She made a very memorable cameo as herself in The Big Short
Others who have been sought for roles include Jamie Foxx, Angeline Jolie, and Jennifer Lawrence, but it’s unclear if any of them will be involved. Unfortunately, there aren’t any story details other than Russell came up with the original idea himself.
Next up for Robbie is the flexing of her muscle as a producer with Promising Young Woman, opening in April. [Deadline]


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