‘The Rhythm Section’ Trailer: Blake Lively Is An Assassin Out For Revenge

Silly title aside, The Rhythm Section might just be a big deal.  The vengeance thriller stars Blake Lively, who has proven herself to be quite the box office draw with a string of hits; it’s directed by acclaimed director Reed Morano, most recently of I Think We’re Alone Now; and it’s the first non-007 movie from franchise producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson.

Lively plays a woman who seeks the truth regarding her parents’ death in a plane crash that was definitely not accidental. Similar to his role in Captain Marvel, Jude Law plays her mentor, training her in the ways of an assassin. The cast also includes Sterling K. Brown, Max Casella, and Daniel Mays.

The trailer goes out of its way to clear up what the title means. Basically, it’s a reference to the coping mechanism for Lively’s character when she’s under high-pressure situations.

The Rhythm Section gets tuned up on January 31st.


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