Shia LaBeouf’s ‘Honey Boy’ Followup Is Based On The Life Of Rapper Kevin Abstract

Last year saw a number of actors revitalize their careers, but perhaps nobody did it better, or had further to go, than Shia LaBeouf. He kicked off the year at Sundance with his feature writing debut Honey Boy, an emotionally raw coming-of-age story that saw LaBeouf digging deep into his own troubled childhood. He followed that with the acclaimed feel-good drama The Peanut Butter Falcon. Getting back in Hollywood’s good graces hasn’t slowed LaBeouf down any, as he’s already completed work on his next screenplay.

Recently posted to the Black List is LaBeouf’s script for Minor Modifications, about rapper and Brockhampton founder Kevin Abstract. The two attended weekly therapy sessions together which is where they became acquainted, and apparently where LaBeouf got the idea to do a movie on him. Here’s the synopsis:

“Based on the life of rapper Kevin Abstract, this biographical fiction follows a Texas teen as he struggles with identity, finding meaningful relationships, sexual fluidity, and his direction in life.”

Those who have followed LaBeouf’s career know he has often taken an interest in the struggles of certain hip-hop stars. Years ago he proposed doing a film on one of my all-time favorite rappers, The Weathermen’s Cage Kennylz, and his battles with drug abuse. That movie never got off the ground, but it seems LaBeouf has found a suitable and more timely replacement.

I wouldn’t expect Minor Modifications to sit idle for long. Honey Boy proved LaBeouf’s mettle as a writer as well as an actor, and interest in his stuff is at a peak. Maybe he’ll reconnect with that movie’s director, Alma Har’el, given their past success?


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