Head to a Disturbing and Dark Place with the Trailer for ‘Swallow’

In today’s edition of “What the hell did I just watch?” we have the trailer for Haley Bennett’s latest film Swallow. If the intent of this trailer was to let you in on the creepy and dark nature of this films content I think it’s safe to say “Mission Accomplished”. I’m 100% certain that there are heaps of subtext contained within the film itself, which appears to be a film about a woman who is trying desperately to be what everyone wants her to be and deals with the stress of that by….well, by swallowing things one wouldn’t normally swallow. This is a real affliction, and the pressure women feel in this world is VERY real, I’m not trying to be a cynical asshole, I’m just saying this trailer is weird. They do an amazing job of creating that Twilight Zone effect, where everything seems serene and perfect but that one little detail is wayyyy off the norm. Very Fincher, which the trailer points out itself.

Swallow Hits Theaters March 6th, 2020


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