Daniel Radcliffe Fights for Freedom in the First Trailer for ‘Escape From Pretoria’

Credit where credit is due, Daniel Radcliffe has gone to some pretty amazing lengths to break the Potter-brand since his days as “The boy who lived”. He’s headlined pretty much every genre at this point and done and admirable job in each. If you need any proof of this guys range you need look no further then the current trailers he has out at the moment. On one hand you have Guns Akimbo, a batshit crazy action flick where he plays a guy that has pistols bolted to his hands. On the other side of things there’s the just released trailer for Escape from Pretoria, which is based on the true story of a white South African man, Tim Jenkin, who was jailed as a terrorist for helping Nelson Mandela’s outlawed movement.

I’m all in on this, I mean who doesn’t love a good prison break movie, am I right? On my more politically minded side I’m always in favor of a film that explores South Africa during Apartheid. Of all the travesties of the last 100 years I’ve always felt like apartheid was one of the least represented and one that was most deserving of educating the public. If this trailer is to be believed we’ve got a socially relevant, tension filled, and well-acted film on our hands here folks.

Escape from Pretoria Hits Theaters on March 6th, 2020. 


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