‘Just Mercy’ Brings Some Heavy Emotion with Its New Trailer

It’s seems almost ridiculous to speculate a “break-out” role for someone that’s already on the A-list, so let’s call this a career solidifying role for Micheal B. Jordan. Just Mercy stars Jordan as an attorney who begins a fight to clear an innocent man, played by Jamie Foxx, from death row. I watch this and I can’t believe that little kid from The Wire is now delivering on this level. While I haven’t seen the movie yet I can tell that the performance given by Jordan is going to be one that’s talked about and puts him in another strata of roles, from leading man in action movies to leading man in A-List dramas. Foxx also seems to be delivering the way he always does but there’s just not enough of him in the trailer to speak on. Check it out below and let us know what you think.


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