Official Baby Yoda Merch Is Here, But You Might Want To Wait

It’s not like Disney to miss out on an opportunity to cash-in on Star Wars pandemonium, but somehow they missed the ball (for now) with Baby Yoda. The adorable little “asset” has been the biggest thing to come from The Mandalorian, launching the Internet into a full-on frenzy of videos and memes. All it needed was the right merchandise to send it over the top. But as we all know, official Baby Yoda merch is very scarce, but it is now available.

Sadly, it kinda sucks so you might want to wait for the better shit.

If you go to you’ll find some cheap t-shirts, mugs, and stickers with a singular Baby Yoda image on it. Yeah, it’s just that concept art Jon Favreau was

posting online a few days ago. That’s it. That’s all you get, not even that sweet shot of him grasping with his tiny green hand.

It’s pretty lame, but if you absolutely MUST have some Baby Yoda gear (I’m waiting for DJ Baby Yoda to go with my DJ Yoda tee) it’s there for you. Enjoy.


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