Chris Evans Isn’t Eager To Undo Captain America’s Story With Another Film

I feel kinda bad for Chris Evans. He’s been looking forward to the end of his Marvel contract for a while, and now that it’s over and he’s in an acclaimed film like Knives Out, the interviews he gets have people asking him about…Captain America. >sigh<   At least he was asked by his Marvel colleague Scarlett Johansson in a new Variety piece, so that makes it a little bit better.   She asked Evans if he’d be willing to suit up and return to the MCU and, unsurprisingly, he isn’t all that eager to undo Cap’s swansong in Avengers: Endgame

“To Marvel? Wow. Everything clicks when I get up. Recovery is not the same. You never say never. I love the character. I don’t know.”

“It’s not a hard no, but it’s not an eager yes either. There are other things that I’m working on right now. I think Cap had such a tricky act to stick the landing, and I think they did a really nice job letting him complete his journey. If you’re going to revisit it, it can’t be a cash grab. It can’t be just because the audience wants to be excited. What are we revealing? What are we adding to the story? A lot of things would have to come together.”

There are a lot of fans out there who desperately want to see a Captain America film either about his trips through time to return the Infinity Stones, or one recounting the time he spent with Peggy Carter. But for Evans, it would take a lot for him to want to change the ending we got…

“It’d be a shame to sour that [ending],” said Evans. “ I’m very protective of it. It was such a precious time, and jumping onto the movie was a terrifying prospect to me. I said no a bunch of times, and there’s a million and one ways it could have gone wrong. It almost feels like maybe we should let this one sit.”

Evans will be seen next as one of the highlights of Knives Out, which opens on November 27th.


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