Robert Pattinson’s Batman Gets Two Big Endorsements And Some Much-Needed Advice

The role of Batman is one we can’t possibly know who’ll be good at it until we see them in the cape and cowl. Ben Affleck, who some would say was pretty terrible across his couple of movies as the Caped Crusader, arguably looks the most like Bruce Wayne and has the proper physicality. Michael Keaton? Safe to say he was one of the best, but looks the least suitable for the part. Somewhere in the middle there is  Christian Bale, whose run as Batman was a big reason why the Dark Knight Trilogy was so great, even though he’s often overlooked in favor of Heath Ledger’s Joker.

Bale gets it. Playing Batman is very tough and you’re sure to take a healthy dose of fan criticism along the way. With Robert Pattinson donning the suit for Matt Reeves’ The Batman, Bale has some advice for him that will prove vital. While promoting his new drama Ford v Ferrari, Bale told Variety the casting of Pattinson was a “good choice”, before droppin’ the same wisdom he shared with Affleck…

“Oh, the same as for Ben, just be able to pee by yourself. You don’t feel much like a superhero when you can’t take a piss by yourself.”

Bale wasn’t the first or the last actor to have to have the suit adjusted in order to get a greater range of motion, and I’m sure that was so he could drain the Bat-weasel without a sidekick.

Also giving a thumbs up to Pattinson’s Batman? His Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart. She was at TIFF for her new film, Seberg, and was excited to sing Pattinson’s praises to Variety when asked her thoughts on him as the Dark Knight…

 “Oh man, I feel like he’s the only guy that could play that part. I am so happy for him. It’s crazy.”

We’ll see Pattinson in action when The Batman opens on June 25th 2021.


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