Dave Bautista Powerbombs Idea Of Doing A ‘Fast & Furious’ Movie: “I’d Rather Do Good Films”

Now that both Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and John Cena are part of Fast & Furious, there’s been hope, a lot of it from me, that fellow WWE champion Dave Bautista could get in on the action. But if we’re ever to see an actual triple threat match between them on the big screen it’ll need to be in a different movie, because Bautista has no love for Vin Diesel’s hit franchise.

A Twitter user, who is clearly my kindred spirit, expressed what seemed like an inevitability a couple of days ago, which is that Bautista, Johnson, and Cena will someday star in a Fast & Furious spinoff together. The idea of this, apparently, made Bautista want to vomit. How do we know? Because he posted a pair of vomit emojis to his response, which included the hashtag “#idratherdogoodfilms”.

I so want to rag on Big Dave for starring in a pair of Escape Plan movies and that dreadful Marauders, but he seems to be pretty self-aware about his career. He called out some of his previous not-so-great choices and is right in saying that an actor has to do what they have to do in that business. Can’t fault him for that. And I might add Bautista has done some good shit that flew under the radar, like Hotel Artemis, Final Score, and the vastly-underrated Bushwick.

Next up for Bautista is the action-comedy Stuber alongside Kumail Nanjiani. He also has the family-friendly comedy My Spy later this year.


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