‘I Am Mother’ Trailer: Hilary Swank Takes On The Mother Of All Robots

I’ve been wondering when a trailer for the sci-fi film I Am Mother would arrive, and now it’s finally here. There aren’t a ton of pure sci-fi movies that hit Sundance, and even fewer that thrive, which is why it was quickly scooped up by Netflix who have cut some mean footage for you to check out.

Directed by Grant Sputore in his directorial debut, the premise feels familiar but trust me, there’s far more than is being put out on front street. After an apocalyptic event wipes out most of humanity, a protective robot called “Mother” (voiced by Rose Byrne) activates and raises a human girl (played by Clara Rugard) into womanhood in an underground bunker. Hilary Swank plays a woman from the outside world who breaks into the bunker and disrupts everything the girl thought she knew.

What develops is this maternal power struggle between a flesh and blood woman and one made of gears and steel. It’s fascinating to watch, but the performances are also great, especially from Rugard in what I believe is her first major role. The visual design of “Mother” is another plus, as it’s mostly practical effects and suit work from designer Luke Hawter. With Byrne’s voice fluctuating between comforting and chilling, “Mother” is more complicated than your typical robot and twice as terrifying.

I Am Mother hits Netflix on June 7th. You can check out my review here.


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