‘Bond 25’ Script Issues Have Reportedly Turned Production Into A “Sh*t Show”

Just because the still-untitled 25th James Bond movie had a showy press conference announcing the cast and release date doesn’t mean all of its problems have been cleared up. This has been a very troubled production since day one, and according to DailyMail‘s Baz Bamigboye, who is always spot-on with this stuff, it continues to be what their source is calling a “shit show”.

According Baz’s source, the screenplay is in total chaos right now with multiple contributors giving their input right down to the last second. If you recall the press release that accompanied the earlier conference, there were multiple writers credited: director Cary Fukunaga, Neal Purvis & Robert Wade, Scott Z. Burns, and Phoebe Waller-Bridge of Killing Eve fame. We thought Waller-Bridge was brought on to simply do some punch up work, but apparently that’s not the case…

“She’s writing a re-write of a re-write,” a source says. “Daniel’s writing. Cary’s writing. The crew reckon they’re working on a well-polished shit show.”

Yeah, that would be star Daniel Craig, which just goes to show how strange this whole situation has become.

“They have an outline of plot, but dialogue is all last-minute,” the source added.

This doesn’t sound good at all. Purvis and Wade are the franchise mainstays, but producers were said to be unhappy with the story they came up with after Danny Boyle and John Hodge’s script was tossed out. That’s when Burns was brought on, followed by Waller-Bridge and apparently anybody wandering around on set.

Bond 25 is still set to open on April 8th 2020, but with reports such as this who knows how things will turn out.


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