‘Vivarium’ First Image: Jesse Eisenberg And Imogen Poots Aren’t Just Another Happy Couple

Take a look at Jesse Eisenberg and Imogen Poots in the first image from Vivarium. Do they look like a happy couple about to buy their first home? Or like they just escaped from a war zone? Even the way Poots is holding that baby at a distance is suspect. Turns out there’s reason for all that, as we’ll see in Lorcan Finnegan’s upcoming sci-fi thriller.

The plot of this one has remained somewhat under wraps but it’s expected to follow a couple on the verge of buying their first home, from a mysterious real estate agent no less, and soon find themselves in a strange housing development and raising an otherworldly child. Uhhh, okay? I suppose if you know what the word “vivarium” means there may be an idea of how this plays out, and if you don’t then avoid looking it up.

Lorcan isn’t a household name but he’s known for directing the 2016 eco-thriller Without Name, which was written by Vivarium screenwriter Garret Shanley.  [EW]


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