Brian Cogman’s ‘Game Of Thrones’ Spinoff Bites The Dust

If you were a fan of last week’s excellent Game of Thrones episode “A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms”, you may have hoped its writer Brian Cogman would get a chance to do more when the season was over. After all, his was one of the five spinoffs in consideration at HBO although only one is in active development. Well, Cogman’s potential series won’t be happening and he’ll be moving away from Westeros for good.

Cogman tells THR“My prequel show is not happening and will not happen. HBO decided to go a different way. So, it is a goodbye. I am done with Westeros. It’s wonderfully bittersweet. I’ll certainly miss it, but I’m excited to go out on my own and try to be in the captain’s chair of my own projects, armed with everything I’ve learned.”

Not that Cogman had to wait long to land another gig. He’s got an overall deal with Amazon now and will be developing shows for them.

It’s hard to miss something that we didn’t really know anything about. Practically no information was provided on Cogman’s series, except it would have been set in a totally different period in Westerosi history.

Of the spinoffs HBO currently has in the works the one we know the most about is by Jane Goldman (X-Men: First Class) and stars Naomi Watts. It takes place during the Age of Heroes and will explore the origins of the many conflicts we are seeing wrapped up in this final Game of Thrones season.


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