Watch The Wild Musical Number Cut From Adam McKay’s ‘Vice’

Adam McKay’s Dick Cheney film Vice earned eight Oscar nominations, winning one, despite it being a somewhat confounding look at the VP’s rise to power. Encompassing multiple genres, it had a lot of moments that were perfectly bizarre in just the right ways, and other stuff that didn’t quite come together as McKay probably hoped. When we first started hearing about the film one of the most intriguing aspects was McKay’s plan to include a big musical number, as well. Sadly, that got cut out of the movie but it’s being included on the Bluray release so we can see it now.

And yeah, I can see why he left it out.  The Schoolhouse Rock-esque number features Steve Carell’s Donald Rumsfeld explaining to Christian Bale’s Cheney exactly how DC really works, and it’s just a bit too much. Jammed right into the middle of the film it would have been hard to get back on track.

Anyway, check it out for yourself.  Vice hits digital today, while the Bluray/DVD release is April 2nd.


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