Internet Trolls Can’t Stop ‘Captain Marvel’ From $20M Thursday Night Debut

Try as they might, Internet trolls couldn’t slow down Captain Marvel at the box office. Although they did manage to hurt the film in a different way, despite Rotten Tomatoes’ attempts to stop them. But let’s start with the good news…

Marvel’s first female-led superhero film debuted to an estimated $20.7M in its Thursday preview. Damn.  That’s nearly double the $11M earned by Wonder Woman a couple of years ago, and bests The Avengers’ $18.7M. The total ranks fifth among Marvel Cinematic Universe films, behind Avengers: Infinity War‘s $39M, Avengers: Age of Ultron‘s $27.6M, Black Panther‘s $25.2M, and Captain America: Civil War‘s $25M. 

Marvel is undoubtedly thrilled at those numbers, and at this rate it could best the $130M analyst projections, which would put it up there with Suicide Squad which debuted with $133M.

And now, we go to the stinky bathroom that is the Internet, where pathetic people with too much time on their hands and too much anger over Larson’s message of diversity dropped an anvil on Captain Marvel‘s Rotten Tomatoes audience score. Despite the website taking steps to stop trolls from sandbagging a movie’s rating before its release, it appears all those folks did was wait. Currently, there are over 58,000 (!!!) audience reviews for Captain Marvel and a score of just 33%, the lowest ever in the MCU.

How do we know these are mostly bullshit reviews? Well, Avengers: Infinity War only has 53,000 reviews and it’s been out for a whole year. Obviously, this was a coordinated effort and hopefully it doesn’t hurt the movie’s box office in the long run. Something tells me Captain Marvel will prove durable enough to withstand it.


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