Put On A Warm Coat, The ‘Artic’ Trailer Is Going to Chill You

In terms of scariest movie monsters the most underrated has got to be ole’ Mother Nature, she is a spiteful and unforgiving foe he doesn’t care who you are or what you do….catch her at the wrong time and shes going to kill you, more often then not slowly. The impeccable Mads Mikkleson stars as a man stranded in the artic with a female companion…can’t tell if it’s a wife, daughter, or just someone that was on the plane, after a plane crash. After waiting for help that doesn’t come he has to set off to find help against one of the most ferocious terrains on terra firma. The beauty of this is that it goes against most of our go to thoughts when thinking of natural danger. There’s no earthquake or fire, it’s not chaotic or noisy…just still, quiet, and white. The artic appears in it’s natural state which is more then dangerous enough. This flick will be a slow burn based on the trailer, flicks that usually go either way but with Mikkleson in the lead I’m putting it on my must see list. If that’s not enough for you the flick has already made some festival circuits and is generating rave reviews.

Check out the trailer below!

Artic Hits Theaters on February 1st, 2019



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