‘The Clovehitch Killer’ Trailer: Dylan McDermott Is A Boy Scout Troop Leader With A Deadly Hobby

Dylan McDermott will forever be Bobby Donnell from The Practice in my eyes, but he’s creepy enough in the new trailer for The Clovehitch Killer that it may change.  Directed by Duncan Skiles in his feature debut, the film stars McDermott as a father, husband, and Boy Scout troop leader in the Bible Belt. While he may appear to be a straight-laced guy with “his own hobbies”, his son starts to suspect him to be a serial killer with a high body count.

The film co-stars Charlie Plummer, and this footage shows him being embarrassed by daddy during an already-awkward dinner.  From there he starts digging around in Dad’s things, and discovers clues that suggest him to be a killer that has been terrorizing Kentucy for a decade. The only problem is that he’s a pillar of the community and nobody is going to believe him without evidence.

It’s a take on a familiar thriller trope, that of the serial killer hiding in plain sight. Reviews for the film out of the festival circuit have been strong, with special recognition for McDermott’s eerie turn.

Also starring  Samantha Mathis, Madisen Beaty, Brenna Sherman, and Lance Chantiles-Wertz, The Clovehitch Killer hits theaters and VOD on November 16th.


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