Tim Miller’s Version Of ‘Deadpool 2’ Would’ve Included The Fantastic Four

Nowadays it’s really tough to make a Marvel movie that bombs as hard as 2015’s Fantastic Four did. A disaster from top to bottom, it not only saw the ruination of director Josh Trank’s career (for now) for reasons both personal and professional, it somehow only made $168M worldwide and ended the franchise before it ever got going. But there was a chance Marvel’s First Family could have been saved, courtesy of the Merc with a Mouth.

Deadpool 2 concept artist Alexander Lozano revealed images that show then-director Tim Miller planned to include the Fantastic Four, same actors and all but with different costumes. He also released images that showed different take on Cable, Deadpool, Juggernaut, and apparently Cable’s mentor Blaquesmith was nearly in the movie, too.  Damn, we might’ve had a classic Juggernaut vs. Thing matchup on Yancey Street. That would have been amazing,
Unfortunately, Miller departed Deadpool 2 over the dreaded “creative differences”, and was replaced by David Leitch who wanted to do his own thing. Disappointing but understandable, and the film turned out great.
Chances are the next time we see the Fantastic Four will be when/if Marvel Studios relaunch the franchise after the Fox/Disney merger. Maybe then it’ll be “clobberin’ time” for Aunt Petunia’s ever lovin’ blue-eyed Thing. Check out some of the art below, followed by a dirty new teaser for the Deadpool 2 Super Duper Cut which hits stores tomorrow.


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