Pop! Obsession: New ‘Infinity War’ Funko POPs Include Eitri, Young Gamora, And Groot With Stormbreaker

With Avengers: Infinity War now hitting home release, it’s the perfect time for Funko to unveil their latest line of POPs from Marvel’s mega-crossover!  There are so many characters we could see another wave of figures before Avengers 4 hits next year.

Included in this latest release are young Gamora, wielding the knife given to her by her adoptive father, Thanos; Groot carrying the Stormbreaker axe; Bruce Banner in mid-Hulk transformation; Bucky Barnes aka Winter Soldier; and a surprising one, Eitri the dwarf king who crafted the Stormbreaker axe himself!

Eitri will be made available as a 6″ Amazon exclusive. As much as I love Funko, sometimes their models need some work. That Eitri looks nothing like Peter Dinklage’s character in the film, and I have to agree with others that it seems like they just took the Hagrid model from Harry Potter and repurposed it.

All of these are expected to be made available in November! And when they are, be sure to check out our friends at Entertainment Earth who have the best deals on Funko anywhere!  When youc make a purchase through one of our affiliate links it helps us out in a huge way, and at no extra cost to you! We appreciate your support!


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