‘Upgrade’ Red Band Trailer: Logan Marshall-Green Goes Haywire In Leigh Whannell’s Souped-Up Revenge Flick

Logan Marshall-Green gets a bad rap for being the “poor man’s Tom Hardy”, but he’s doing a pretty good job of charting his own course. He was scary good in The Invitation a few years ago, and now he gets a chance to lead a kickass-looking action flick in Upgrade, from The Conjuring 3 director Leigh Whannell.

This new red band teaser gives you a good looking at the man/machine insanity, which finds Marshall-Green as a man who is given an experimental Artificial Intelligence upgrade that turns him into an unstoppable killing machine. As he sets out on a quest to avenge his wife’s murder, he discovers that the A.I. has, *shocker*, a mind of its own.

I saw this a few days ago and really dug how Whannell embraces the haywire concept, while also giving fans of his horror work some decent gore to indulge in. Also keep an eye out for my interview with him.

Upgrade opens June 1st. Watch the red band trailer below.


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