‘Sun Dogs’ Trailer: Jennifer Morrison’s Directorial Debut Brings Comedy To The Homefront

Jennifer Morrison is best known for the years she spent on House and ABC’s Once Upon a Time, but she’s now embarking on a new phase of her career with Sun Dogs. The unusual comedy marks her feature directorial debut, and Netflix dug it enough that they’ve picked up the rights to the film and dropped a new trailer.

Sun Dogs stars Michael Angarano as an intellectually challenged young man who is repeatedly rejected in his attempts to join the military. So he decides to protect the homefront on his own, and teams up with his new friend a runaway named Tally (Melissa Benoist), to investigate a casino manager they think may be part of a terrorist cell. Along with Benoist the film co-stars Ed O’Neill, Oscar winner Allison Janney, rapper Xzibit, J.R. Ramirez, and a role for Morrison herself.

Sun Dogs will hit Netflix on April 6th.


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