‘Legends of Tomorrow’ S3E16 Recap: “I, Ava”

They said we would see more Ava, and we clearly got a whole bunch of her!  Last week on Legends of Tomorrow, Sarah became possessed by Mallus while wielding the death totem.  Sarah, being a handful on her own, was a force to be reckoned with for the Legends as a result of the possession by the evil entity.  The Legends had help from both John Constantine and Ava Sharpe, who had their own love triangle concerning Ava.  In the aftermath of Sara expulsing Mallus from her system, Sarah realized that her dark side was a part of her, and it was something that she would have to deal with and accept.  This led to her breaking up with Ava.

This week’s episode starts with Sarah deciding that she needs to take a sabbatical in the aftermath of her possession.  It makes sense as she does have some demons to exercise, and something that as captain would be hard for her to honestly do.  But the ship needs a captain.  Nate thinks that he’s the best guy for the choice, but Sarah overrules him and appoints Amaya as the interim captain of the ship.   Her first task, the appoints Zari to train Rory in using the fire totem.  No longer needing the heatwave gun, he needs to learn how to use the fire totem.  Zari teaching him makes sense, as she’s a totem bearer herself.  Rory was more concerned with cooking food.  Not realizing that it’s Ramadan (and Zari is a Muslim), he keeps offering her the food he cooks (including pork).

Just then time agent Gary portals into the Wave Rider looking for Ava.  From Sara and the Legends perspective, Ava’s been off the ship since she and Sara broke up.  Sarah and Ray agree to help Gary look for the missing Ava.  Their first stop is Ava’s parents’ house in Fresno.  As Ava’s parents are straight out of a sitcom, Sarah sees something is off.  Threatening Ava’s “mother” at knifepoint, she finds that Ava’s “parents” are really actors.  Something’s wrong with Ava.  The trio leaves the fake parents behind and goes through Ava’s office.  They snoop around and discover her files have been erased from the Time Bureau’s system.  The only record not erased is a classified file related to the year 2213, but that time period is off limits.  Thinking that Ava herself might be a time anachronism, they steal the Time Bureau’s mothership and make their way to the forbidden time period.  There, something’s amiss.  They run into Ava, and another Ava, and another Ava, and hundreds more.  Turns out Ava is a clone model!

Meanwhile, with Amaya’s totem now in possession of Norah/Mallus, this is causing ripples through the timeline.  Amaya’s granddaughter Mari McCabe doesn’t have the totem, but she still wants to carry out vigilante activities in Detroit, trying to help people and ending up in the hospital.  While Amaya wants to head to Detroit to help her granddaughter, this could cause a problem and further corrupt the timeline.  Instead, she has Wally and Nate head there to try and make sure she’s OK.  While at the hospital, Nate sees Kuasa, meaning something’s going on.  When they catch up to her, Kuasa reveals that she’s trying to help Mari since she doesn’t have any powers.  Kuasa reveals that she’s having some buyer’s remorse with Norah getting Amaya’s totem and they agree to work together to try and get the totem back from Norah.  They decide to lure Damien and Norah by using Nate as bait, which works.  Norah gives Kuasa Amaya’s totem but Kuasa ends up betraying Nate as he and Amaya remaining together also jeopardizes her family’s history as well.  As Damien is trying to torture Nate, he also is having second thoughts as Mallus taking over his daughter is not what he ultimately wants.

Wally heads back to the Wave Rider and surprisingly is joined by Kuasa and they all return back to Detroit to take on Norah, who also beat her father when he decides not to kill Nate.  They all fight against Norah, but it’s still not an even match.  Amaya isn’t able to use her totem completely as it’s still bonded to Norah.  Kuasa tries to take Norah on, to fatal consequences as she rips the water totem out of Kuasa’s body, killing her.  Amaya is heartbroken as her family dies trying to save her.

Back in 2213, Ray and Sara find a closing facility and encounter one of the Ava clones.  After subduing her, the real Ava teleports looking for them to 2213.  Seeing a clone of herself, she faints.  Turns out Ava doesn’t know anything about her past, nor that she’s a clone.  When Ava awakens, she’s not sure what to believe as she is starting to think that her whole life is a lie.  Sara reassures her that she is an individual, as she cares for her.  However, there are more clones arrive and the team has to fight their way through all of them.  Ava even cons them pretending to be one of them before the fight breaks out.  Sarah and Ava take the clones on.  When they leave 2213, Ava and Sara decide that they have to get in contact with Rip Hunter to find out why he erased her file and pulled her from that timeline and had her placed in the Time Bureau.

In the aftermath of Kuasa’s death, both Rory and Zari are feeling her death (since they are totem bearers).  Nate and Amaya are feeling it the worst though.  Nate feels guilty as he believes that Kuasa’s death is his fault.  Amaya is equally blaming herself and she decides that she has to take a time ship and head to her home country of Zambesi in 1992, to prevent the massacre of her village.  Gideon warns her that this is not a good idea as she can literally destroy her family history, but she’s determined.

Next week’s episode “Guest Starring John Noble” will probably be very meta, since actor John Noble provides the voice of Mallus.  It also looks like Gorilla Grodd is back as well.


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