‘Dragon Ball Super’ Movie Trailer: Goku Readies For Super Saiyan Battle

Truth: I haven’t seen a single episode of Dragon Ball Super, so I have no idea what’s happening with Goku, Vegeta, or any of the characters I used to watch back in the day. But I know my friends go apeshit for the show, so I must be missing something awesome. With only one episode left, the story will power ahead with a new Dragon Ball Super movie, and the first teaser for it is here.

The 30-second tease shows Goku getting loosened up and ready to fight an unknown foe. Who that opponent is doesn’t become clear, at least not to me. Maybe somebody more familiar with the series can figure it out. From the brief glimpses we get he/she does appear to be wearing Saiyan gear, and I can’t tell if that’s fur or cloth flapping in the energized wind. Whoever it is, Goku looks ready to face him. I hope it’s Vegeta, just because everything is better with more Vegeta.

Goku’s sporting a slightly different look, designed by Akira Toriyama who also wrote the script for Akio Iyoku to direct.  Dragon Ball Super hits theaters in Japan on December 14th, and hopefully we’ll get it here soon after.


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