Jamie Foxx To Direct And Co-Write Faith-Based Film ‘When We Pray’

Jamie Foxx’s appropriately-named directorial debut All-Star Weekend is supposed to hit theaters later this year, but clearly he loved the experiences and wants to do more. Foxx has already set his eyes on his next feature to direct, When We Pray, and as the title suggests it will be a faith-based offering.

Foxx has teamed up with will direct and co-write the script for When We Pray, joined by co-writer Donald Ray “Speedy” Caldwell. The story centers on two brothers, both pastors, who take different paths with their respective churches. One finds success with a modern, high-tech congregation while the other takes a humbler path only to face financial decline.

It’s unclear if Foxx will also take a role. He’s coming off his acclaimed dramatic performance in Just Mercy and will be the leading voice in Pixar’s upcoming film, Soul.


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