‘Inheritance’ Trailer: Lily Collins Unlocks Dark Family Secrets And An Imprisoned Simon Pegg

This is shaping up to be a year when Simon Pegg really branches out beyond playing the goofball. While he’s had his share of dramatic roles, lately Pegg has been doing even more. Most recently he played a schizophrenic in Lost Transmissions (review here), and now in the trailer for Inheritance it’s tough to even recognize him.

Inheritance reunites Pegg with Terminal director Vaughn Stein. While that flick was pretty terrible, this looks far more promising. It stars Lily Collins as young district attorney whose wealthy father leaves her a mysterious key that unlocks a sinister past and a captive who thinks of himself as one of the family.

The cast includes Connie Nielsen, Michael Beach, Marque Richardson, Patrick Warburton, and Chace Crawford.

Inheritance comes to DirecTV in April, then theaters on May 22nd.

SYNOPSIS: Lauren Monroe (Lily Collins) is a rising young district attorney who has dedicated her life to being a public servant despite the expectations of her wealthy and powerful New York family. When her mogul father suddenly dies, he leaves her a flash drive and set of keys that lead to a shocking secret hidden beneath her family’s estate. Torn between protecting her father’s sinister past and exposing the truth in the name of justice, Lauren finds herself in an endless web of lies and deceit, uncovering secrets from her father’s life that threaten to destroy the very fabric of her influential family.


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