Nicolas Cage Will Recreate His Most Iconic, Crazy Roles For ‘The Unbearable Weight Of Massive Talent’

The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent. Great title. Better Nicolas Cage movie. Or at least, we hope it will be. It SHOULD be, seeing as it finds Cage playing a version of himself in which he’s desperately trying to land a role in a Quentin Tarantino movie. Whether you’re a Cage fan or not, and I think we all are for different reasons (some enjoy the trainwreck aspect of his career), this is a movie that demands to be seen, and now we’ve learned something that makes it all the more exciting.

Speaking with Empire, Cage revealed that he’ll be recreating some of his wildest, most iconic roles for the film…

“It’s a stylized version of me, and the fact I even have to refer to myself in the third person makes me extremely uncomfortable,” Cage explained. “There are many scenes in the movie where modern or contemporary – here we go – ‘Nic Cage’ and then young ‘Nic Cage’ are colliding and arguing and battling it out. It’s an acrobatic approach to acting.”

 “I don’t like to look back. But this movie kind of pushes it all back in my face. I’m probably going to have to look at a couple of the movies from the past again because I think we’re gonna have to reenact some of those sequences. It’s like walking through a ‘Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari’ version of ‘Con Air’ and ‘Face/Off.’”

Fuck. Yeah. This sounds absolutely batshit and I can’t wait. Cage has been having more fun of late, and I think it’s shown up in the quality of his movies. Sure, there are still some stinkers sprinkled in there, but he’s embraced the offbeat nature of his public persona and that’s how you get an insane movie like this. The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent is directed by Tom Gormican and opens March 19th 2021.


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