Diego Luna Confirms His Exit From 'Scarface' Remake

The last time we heard anything about the long-developing Scarface remake, it was director Antoine Fuqua opining that he couldn't cast his The Equalizer star Denzel Washington. That might've been Fuqua's way of helping to shove then-star Diego Luna out the door, as he was already headed in that direction, anyway. And now Luna has confirmed once and for all that he won't be playing the infamous drug lord.

When asked by Collider whether he was still attached to Scarface, Luna simply replied "No, no I'm not."  Well, that about sums it up, eh? Most people already know what Scarface is all about. The 1983 film led by Al Pacino is the most famous version, but it and the 1932 Howard Hawkes movie both follow a small-time criminal's violent rise to power.

No word on what the reboot's current status is, but given that updates have been few I'm guessing it's dead for now. That's okay, Luna can get his gangster fix in the upcoming season of Narcos: Mexico, in which he plays notorious Mexican drug lord Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo, leader of the Guadalajara Cartel.