'Birds of Prey' is Already Flying High with Predictions Showing a $50M Weekend

Remember the days when you'd line up at 9PM for a mid-night showing because they wouldn't dare run a movie any earlier then that? Those days are over with most theaters playing new releases as early as Thursday at 5PM. If these numbers are to be believed, and why wouldn't they, Plenty of you are sitting in a theater right now checking out Margot Robbie's second turn as the Clown Princess of Crime. This is DAMN good news, if you checked out Cinema Royale last week Travis and I talked about the tanking of The Rhythm Section and what effect it may have on female led action movies. If this weekend goes as plan Hollywood will....probably still learn the wrong lesson and assume that a female led movie needs to be with a proven property, BUT they may just give us more strong female characters in leading roles. February is the end of the dry season in Hollywood, but this looks to be the big one of the season. With a budget around $85M the film should move into the black in it's first weekend when you factor in international receipts. This isn't even to mention the positive reviews (check out Travis's first, right here) and soon to be social media word of mouth which is sure to bolster those profits. One things for sure, this weekend is a good time to be a bad girl.