We Want You!! Punch Drunk Critics Is Looking For New Writers!

Punch Drunk Critics has been around since 2008. That's crazy, when I think about it, us being around doing this for so long. In the beginning it was just John Nolan and myself, and it took me a long time before I was willing to let others be a part of what we're doing. I'm glad I did. We've had a lot of good writers come through here, many of them my friends, and I'm happy to see the great things they've gone on to do. But with the new year, it's time to let some more folks into the clubhouse.

We're now accepting applications for writers who are eager to get some experience writing about movies. We are offering internships for those looking for college credit, and opportunities for compensation for others. Punch Drunk Critics is a Washington, DC-based site, but we have pretty extensive reach so we're accepting applications from outside the DMV.

Regardless of where you are, the requirements are the same:

-Must have reliable transportation for getting to and from movie screenings, interviews, events, etc.

-Must have reliable internet

-Must be available on weekdays and weekends at all times of the day. The movie biz never sleeps, and neither do we. Or at least I don't.

-Must have a true passion for film and TV, along with an extensive knowledge. If you're the first of your friends to catch every trailer, if you're the one who always knows the next big movie coming out or the indie movie they've never heard of, you probably qualify.

-Must be able to write in your own voice. Put your personality out there.

-Must be able to work independently or as part of a team

-Did I mention that you should have a passion for this? It bears repeating.

As for your responsibilities. Well, most of those are fun.  You'll be expected to:

--research and write news articles about movies and TV. This is the bulk of what we do here.

--conduct in-person and phone interviews

--attend movie screenings or watch online screeners with the purpose of reviewing

-- attend special events, conventions, and film festivals with the purpose of writing features

--transcribing interviews

There's more, but that's a good enough start for now. We're looking for those who have a lot to say, and we welcome story ideas, feature columns, etc.

So how do you apply? Send two writing samples to punchdrunktrav@gmail.com and john.nolaniii@gmail.com. One must be a movie or TV episode review (300-500 words), the other your coverage of a recent news story or trailer release. You can use the above emails for any questions, as well. Thanks! We hope to hear from you soon.