Walton Goggins Will Try To Kill Santa In 'Fatman' Opposite Mel Gibson

It's Walton Goggins vs. Mel Gibson. No wait, it's Walton Goggins vs. Santa Claus! Either way you want to look at it, the upcoming action-comedy Fatman sounds like a blast.

According to Deadline, Goggins has joined Gibson in Fatman, which centers on "a neglected and precocious 12-year-old who hires an unorthodox hitman to kill Santa Claus after receiving a lump of coal in his stocking. Goggins will star as Skinnyman, the eccentric, sharp-shooting hitman who works at a toy store." Behind the camera are The Nelms Brothers (Small Town Crime) with Danny McBride, Jody Hill, and David Gordon Green as producers. That may tell you a little something about the style of comedy to expect.

The thought of Gibson, whose history of anti-Semitic statements is well-known, playing a beloved figure like Santa has rubbed some the wrong way. The controversy is either going to help this movie or kill it. No matter what, the addition of Goggins is a strong move that promises a lot of fun. He can currently be seen leading the CBS sitcom, The Unicorn.