They Just Won't Stop Trying To Revive 'The Crow'

The Crow just won't die.

It's hard to get excited about yet another attempted revival of The Crow, the James O'Barr revenge comic that was adapted into an infamous 1994 movie starring Brandon Lee. Attempts to reboot the franchise have been going on for a decade, and the many problems faced have become the stuff of legend at this point. It's been two years since the latest attempt failed, and...well, here we go again.

Bloody Disgusting report that Davis Films are once again trying to reboot The Crow, about rocker Eric Draven who is murdered along with his girlfriend, but returns as a spirit of vengeance. Davis Films was involved in the most recent failed reboot, which was to star Aquaman's Jason Momoa with Corin Hardy (The Nun) as director. Neither is involved at this point.

If anything, The Crow is all the proof you need that just having a project in development doesn't mean shit. It's also an example of a franchise that will always get another chance, no matter how long it takes.