'The Last Thing He Wanted' Trailer: Anne Hathaway Stars In Dee Rees' Sundance Political Thriller

With her debut feature Pariah, her Oscar-nominated drama Mudbound, and now The Last Thing He Wanted, Dee Rees continues to make Sundance the place to be for following her impressive career. Once again teamed with Netflix, her latest is led by Anne Hathaway, Ben Affleck, Rosie Perez, Willem Dafoe, and Toby Jones, based on the acclaimed novel by Joan Didion.

Set in the 1980s during the Iran-Contra scandal, Hathaway plays a Washington Post reporter who leaves her job covering the 1984 Presidential election to help care for her ailing father. Taking on one of his dangerous errands as a chance to break a huge story, she unwittingly becomes the subject in the very plot she hoped to expose.

The Last Thing He Wanted will be one of the most anticipated premieres at Sundance in a few days, then heads over to Netflix beginning February 21st.