'The Flash' Director Says To Expect A 'Different Version" Of The 'Flashpoint' Storyline

While most of the Justice League cast have had their own solo movies (Sorry, Cyborg, it ain't happenin'), Ezra Miller has been in limbo hoping The Flash might happen someday. Fortunately, the hiring of It director Andy Muschietti seems to have the film on a solid path with a release date in 2022 and everything. And now we're even getting an idea of the plot, which confirms a rumor from a couple of years ago.

Muschietti recently moderated a Q&A event with the cast of Underwater, and it's there that he revealed an upcoming remake of The Howling, which would take place after he completes work on The Flash. He then offered details on the long-awaited superhero movie and said rumors the story will be a version of "Flashpoint' were true, but a "different version of ‘Flashpoint’ than you’re expecting.” 

An important storyline in pages of the Flash comic, Flashpoint finds Barry Allen using his powers to race back in time and prevent his mother's murder, causing ripple effects throughout the timestream that changed the entire DC Universe. The storyline has been adapted in animated form, and elements of it are used frequently in The Flash TV series.

Another part of that old rumor was that Flashpoint would be used to explain the disappearance of Ben Affleck's version of Batman and other changes to the DCEU. Doubtful it stretches that far, but then why use Flashpoint and not go all the way with it?

The Flash is expected to race into theaters on July 1st 2022.