The Awards Hype Is On Full Display In The Latest 'Uncut Gems' Trailer

We're right in the middle of awards season, which culminates in February with the Academy Awards, so you've probably noticed that every movie with some connection to an awards nomination if putting that fact front and center. Uncut Gems which is being lauded for Adam Sandler's amazing performance is not different. The awards showcasing aside this trailer serves one perfect purpose that most trailers seem to be unable to do. Summarize what to expect from the movie without giving too much away. While I will agree that this was a quality film and Sandler has put out an undeniable reminder of the talent he can summon, I had a hard time making it through this flick without having an anxiety attack, mostly due to the main character's inability to ever do the right thing....or really ever do something that isn't patently stupid....but at the same time I was glued to the story. Check out the latest trailer below and let us know what you think!

Uncut Gems is in theaters now and you can check out Travis' review here!