Sci-Fi Film 'Ares' In The Works From Robert Zemeckis

It's been a while since having Robert Zemeckis' name attached to a project meant something. I guess his last somewhat-acclaimed movie would be Flight with Denzel Washington, but most recently he had the atrocious Welcome to Marwen, and before that his long stretch of motion-capture stuff that was pretty bad, too. Oh, and that WWII movie Allied which came and went. But there's always hope he'll return to former glory, and that's where his new film Ares comes in.

Warner Bros. has set Zemeckis to direct Ares, a sci-fi film from Captain Marvel and Tomb Raider writer Geneva Robertson-Dworet. So there's hope for this yet. Anyway, the story follows an astronaut with a potentially world-changing secret who crash lands in the African desert. The film will be exec-produced by Roland Emmerich, so don't expect this to be tiny by any means.

Next up for Zemeckis is his anticipated reimagining of The Witches, and assuming that does well it could put him back in everybody's good graces. Otherwise...well, we'll see.