'No Time To Die': Hans Zimmer Takes Over As Composer

While there continues to be some debate over who will perform the title track for No Time to Die, there's been a major change with the rest of the Bond movie's score. Fortunately, I think most would see it as trading up when a great like Hans Zimmer has come aboard.

According to Variety, Zimmer has come on to replace Dan Romer as composer on the next James Bond movie. The reason given is "creative differences", which we don't often hear about when it comes to composing the music, but when we're talking about a franchise as exactingly cared-for as 007, it isn't all that surprising. This film, in particular, had a circuitous route to landing on director Cary Fukunaga, and creative issues continue to swirl even into post-production.

Romer's close association with Fukunaga is a big part of the reason he was brought on, having collaborated previously on Beasts of No Nation and Maniac. But this is Zimmer we're talking about here; his resume of epic scores speaks for itself. Even his upcoming slate is impressive with Wonder Woman 1984, Top Gun: Maverick, and Dune boasting his work.

Coming in this late in production it's expected Zimmer will get a little help from someone he's worked with in the past. Makes sense, because with the April 7th release date looming there isn't a ton of time.