'National Treasure 3' In The Works From 'Bad Boys For Life' Writer

This morning we posted a story about Bad Boys for Life, and how Sony was already moving forward on a sequel. Part of that was the rehiring of screenwriter Chris Bremner to begin work on the followup. But also part of the original THR piece was a little nugget that could have easily been missed: Bremner is also working on a National Treasure 3 script.

There aren't any details, other than Bremner is writing National Treasure 3 for Disney. I don't recall this being confirmed anywhere else before now. Maybe I missed it, maybe not.

Regardless, the idea of a third National Treasure is pretty dope, as far as I'm concerned. They were Nicolas Cage back when he was still a mainstream star, and he got to run around historical landmarks and solve puzzles, find treasures, play the hero...basically, these movies were The Da Vinci Code only much lighter on the brain. And they were hits, too. The first National Treasure in 2004 made $347M, 2007's Book of Secrets did even better with $457M. Problems with drafting a script Disney liked was the only reason a third movie wasn't done sooner.

Jerry Bruckheimer will return as a producer, and presumably, Jon Turteltaub will direct as these movies are most closely associated with him. Then again, until we hear more details perhaps it's too soon to speculate on anything.