Jessica Chastain Is Teasing 'A Most Violent Year' Sequel

Y'see, you put something good out there in the world and good things happen. Fresh of its spot in my Top 100 Films of the Decade, JC Chandor's A Most Violent Year may be coming back. In some form. Maybe. At least, that's what star Jessica Chastain is teasing to her fans on social media.

But first, a refresher. 2014's A Most Violent Year stars Oscar Isaac as a heating oil magnate in 1981 New York, as he tries to stay a good and principled man in the face of seemingly endless corruption, threats of violence, and other outside pressures.  Chastain plays his wife, a mob princess with a Lady Macbeth streak, who is willing to take things further than her husband. It's a great movie, with characters that are simply begging to be revisited. Well, it might be happening.

A fan posted on Twitter a past Q&A with Isaac and Chastain talking about A Most Violent Year, and she responds to the tweet by suggesting they'll return to those characters very soon...

Yes, please!

Okay, so A Most Violent Year was not a big hit for A24.  It only made $12M on a budget of about $20M, so the chances of a big screen sequel are slim. However, this is the perfect material for an HBO event series, as it's very similar in tone and theme to Show Me A Hero, which Isaac was absolutely brilliant in.  I don't care. However this happens, I'm going to be there for it.