Hasbro Now Owns Death Row Records, Bring On The Tupac/Power Rangers Crossovers!

When Hasbro recently completed its $4B acquisition of Entertainment One, they not only acquired easily-marketable kid-friendly brands like Peppa Pig, they also got their hands on this...

Yeah, Hasbro now owns the Death Row Records music catalog.

That Power Rangers/Tupac crossover you didn't know you needed is closer than ever.

This story has been getting sensationalized over the last few days, and for obvious reasons. It's pretty crazy to think the same company that gives us My Little Pony owns anything that ever was associated with Suge Knight, but it's true.

Now, Hasbro didn't make this purchase specifically to get Death Row. They'll probably sell that shit off as soon as possible. But for now, they do own it, and it's interesting to us only because Hasbro has been making power moves in Hollywood to launch new franchises. The My Little Pony movie did pretty well for them a couple of years ago, and they're embarking on a new Power Rangers reboot right now. They have other projects in the works, too, including BeyBlade, GI Joe, Transformers sequels, Micronauts, and more.

Just sayin', if Bumblebee rolls up to the sound of "Gin & Juice" you know what's up. [Vice]