Dario And Asia Argento Are Teaming On Giallo Film 'Black Glasses'

The Argentos are getting back into the giallo game. Dario Argento is a legend of the horror genre, with films like Suspiria, Deep Red, and Inferno to his credit. He hasn't directed anything since 2012's bizarre Dracula 3D, but is set to join his daughter Asia Argento for a new Giallo film, titled Black Glasses.

BloodyDisgusting has the news, but doesn't offer up anything in the way of details.  The father/daughter pair is potentially interesting even if their film is likely to only appeal to their hardcore fanbase. At 79-years-old, Dario has been far removed from the movie scene, other than allowing Luca Guadagnino to remake Suspiria back in 2018.

As for Asia, she hasn't made a movie since 2014 but has definitely been in the headlines. She's been at the center of the #MeToo movement, but not always as one of the abused. In fact, she recently settled a lawsuit by a male accuser, making her more of a pariah around Hollywood than before. That led to a very public falling out with Rose McGowan that did neither of them any favors.

Black Glasses has been in the works for a few years, so who knows how far along it actually is or if we'll have a chance to see it.  The plan is to shoot later this year, so we should know more soon enough.