'Wonder Woman 1984': Patty Jenkins Has "Mapped Out" Future Plans, Still Tinkering With Runtime

The future of Wonder Woman is looking pretty bright, if the enthusiastic reaction to the Wonder Woman 1984 trailer is anything to go by.  Rumors have already begun that a spinoff set in Themyscira could be next, and of course at least one more sequel with Gal Gadot's Diana Prince. Just don't go and set your calendar or anything just yet.

While attending last weekend's CCXP (via Deadline), Patty Jenkins began looking forward to Wonder Woman's future, and she says the hero's full story is already figured out. And yep, that does include that Amazons spinoff flick, too, which she is expected to exec-produce...

“We already have it all mapped out — it’s just a matter of will we change our minds and when,” said Jenkins. “I think what we don’t want to do is do it back to back. It’s been great doing these two movies back to back, but I think it’s important to give it a little rest in between — and I like doing other things in between.”

Jenkins added,  “And Gal has other things to do. I never want to make decisions too far in advance. We have to see if we both feel like making the movie we think we want to make when the moment comes.”

Sticking with the here and now, Jenkins also revealed (via THR) that Wonder Woman 1984 is basically finished due to a months-long release date delay. But Jenkins can't help herself and is fiddling with the movie's runtime, which began with a 2hr and 45minute cut...

“I have an idea and I’m like, maybe it would make [the movie] shorter,” said Jenkins. “We’re not going to officially say [how long the movie is] yet, however it’s in a good territory.”

As for why the movie has stretched so long, Jenkins has a very good reason. Sometimes the scenes were turning out so well, they just had to keep expanding on them...

“It was interesting that so many scenes that we set out to shoot, then something great would happen and then we would expand upon it and definitely with the action, what some things that were written to be very small little moments turned into, ‘But that’s so awesome.’ It’s hard when you end up with that situation."

At this point, coming off the 181-minute Avengers: Endgame, 165-minutes doesn't sound so bad.

Wonder Woman 1984 opens June 5th 2020.