'The Gifted' Creator Has A 'Turner & Hooch' Series In The Works For Disney+

I don't know what came over Hollywood in 1989, but that year they suddenly (and briefly, thankfully) became obsessed with dog and cop buddy comedies. It was then that the heated Turner & Hooch vs. K-9 debate began. Both movies actually did really well at the box office, too, scratching an itch nobody knew we needed. Well, Disney has put their finger on the scale all of these years later by choosing Turner & Hooch to be revived as a Disney+ series.

Deadline reports that Burn Notice and The Gifted creator Matt Nix has been hired to develop a Turner & Hooch series for Disney+. The original movie starred Tom Hanks (He made the best of it) as a California detective who takes in a French mastiff named Hooch, and together they solve crimes and shit. Yeah, I mean...the transition from the '80s to '90s was kinda rough for studio comedies.

As for K-9...well, that one's still in the doghouse. I hear Apple TV+ is in need of new programming, though.