Is 'The Wrestler 2' Really In The Works With Jason Momoa??

This is probably the only time a piece of news has been broken on an episode of WWE's Total Divas, but The Wrestler 2 might be in the works. The info comes from WWE superstar Natalya, who said in a recent episode that Jason Momoa would be starring in the sequel to Darren Aronofsky's acclaimed drama, and that he asked her to take a role as his ex-lover, with hopes that she will also have a match in it.

Natalya, daughter of WWE Hall of Famer Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart, said this: "Once I found out who Jason Momoa is, I'm like, 'this is pretty cool.' He's a really big star. He's an actor who has been on Game of Thrones, he was in that movie Aquaman. So, the fact that he is now interested in having me in the movie is huge,"

I just think it's funny she had no idea who Momoa was, and makes me wonder why he picked her of all superstars to be in his movie.

Of course, this is assuming she's got her facts straight because nothing about this movie is confirmed. This would be a sequel to Darren Aronofsky's 2008 drama, The Wrestler, which starred Mickey Rourke in an incredible performance as a popular wrestler now way past his prime and struggling to hold on to every moment he's got in the squared circle. The movie earned two Oscar nominations and loads of other awards, and just so happened to be in my top 5 best movies of the prior decade. It featured a number of real-life pro wrestlers and showed just how hard it can be on them once the spotlight has faded. WWE even played into a little bit with a storyline involving Chris Jericho at WrestleMania 25. A sequel has been talked about before, but this long in the distance, and with no official confirmation from a reputable outlet, I have little faith this is true and hope it turns out to be Natalya getting her wires crossed.

Obviously, there will be more on this as it develops.